The importance of utopia and how to get there

Everyday Activism Stories

The greatest achievement of those who champion capitalism, according to activist and author David Graeber, has been the destruction of vision. By vision, I mean not the ability to look into our own futures and envision a bigger house, a better-paid job, a family perhaps, but the ability to look into our collective future as a society, to imagine a world different to the one in which we now live. Capitalism appears to have left people convinced that this is the logical end at which we have arrived, or else so exhausted that they have lost hope that an alternative could ever be realised. So much needs to change and so dramatically that any incremental changes are lost in the wider chasm of chaos that engulfs us. Our shelves are filled with dystopias that are only slight adaptions of reality, while utopic visions are mocked, idealism derided.

“We are talking…

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